Sunday, October 9, 2011

Excited to get done moving!!!

Well for the passed eight days i have been staying with a buddie of mine. The reason for this is that the apartment we are moving into wouldn't let us move in until October 11th and since our previous landlord wanted us out by the end of the lease which just happened to be October 1st... we both had to find a place to stay for 10 days. :( Anyways, i have had quite a field week shopping for new things for the new place. One of my favorite places for house wares is Kohl's. They have a plethora of selections to choose from in almost anything you can find including that nice shower curtain i love. ^^ I also have been looking around for more modern things to "decorate" i guess? guys don't really decorate but i want it to look nice haha... But i did find something both my roommate and I need and like VERY MUCH. A glass dry-erase board. Ohhhhh soooo modern in my opinion :) Well wish me good luck on the new place <3

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I know many people who have seasonal allergies and i am one of them! :( Its getting to about that time of year where i can't walk outside without becoming congested or sneezing. Soooo the passed couple days have been terrible due to the change in weather. Benadryl is my best friend at night in hopes of getting some sleep rather than miserably staying awake trying to breathe.  As if this was not bad enough I was lucky enough, out of the six kids my mother had, I inherited ECZEMA from my dear ol' mom. thanks? This eczema is just a skin disease where the outer layer of skin is irregularly dry or is an allergic reaction which creates a red rash on the affected area and is very very itchy!!! :P  But if this ever happens it is usually small and around my wrists or ankles, i am lucky enough to not have a severe case of eczema :D
haha <3 you guys