Monday, September 26, 2011

decent "in real time" TV show

I have just started watching a TV series called 24. I have only seen the first season and so far it is not a bad show. Every once in a while i find myself talking to the screen. haha ;p  I know the plot of a government agent trying to save everyone and deal with terrorists while watching out for moles is not the most original plot out there but the show is a good one! It began in 2001 and there have been eight seasons produced. A couple cons is that it is an older show and is a really big deal for this show is that i have caught a couple cameramen in the scenes and it ruined the rest of that episode, but since this TV show is "in real time" where each show is an hour of time inside the story, it is easy to get caught up in whats going on so by the next show i had forgotten all about it. BLAH i recommend it if you like this kind of show :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

SOWIE!!!!! *жаль*

YEAH YEAH i know i haven't posted in a while :(  BUSY BUSY BUSY i hope everyone is doing okay!
Well lately i have spent some of my free time learning a bit of the Russian language and i don't know a whole lot but it is pretty interesting that about half of their alphabet is the same as in English with about 19 new letters. I have searched some Russian music and i found a group that had some really nice tracks even without the lyrics.
 This group Midway actually uses both the English and Russian languages and are not bad at all so long as you like hip hop/rap.

Anyway ^^ just for some fun and since my cousin was a Russian Translater for the Air Force, the first phrase i learned was     сука пожалуйста  *sounds like* (sooka pizhousta) and means bitch please :) hahaha well i hope to see more of all my favorite bloggers <3333