Monday, July 11, 2011

The Ford Place

I'm hanging out at the ford place waiting for my Buddie to finish his interview for some networking job. Looking around at the trucks and this good looking chick comes up to me. She was a bit older then myself but i didn't mind. Of course she was a car salesWOman and i decided to just make some small talk just as any other guy would when talking to a pretty lady. But finally she left me with nothing but a name and a nice view. I started browsing the new trucks and SUV's and i started to notice the changing styles in the newer models. For example the new 2011 explorers looked nicer and very shiny but the rear of the vehicle was redone. It did make the Explorer look smaller and more family friendly, if you don't like driving a bulky 02 Explorer like myself. It just amazes me that i notice the small things changing that have this world gradually going into the future just like in the movies. :) I'm excited for what else i am in store for!

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