Friday, July 15, 2011

These two people

one of these people just left me and despite what this person has said i'm not sure i believe that we will be in as good contact or maybe something different. The other i haven't spoke to in a long time and find myself thinking about them. im not sure if its annoying or depressing but it does make me sad. Together these two, i'm sure, could potentially make up about 40% of my world. I miss them both very much and, for one, am not sure if i like the fact that i miss them. It has been way too long for me to still have this feeling of in-completion between the two of us. I find myself being reminded of this person no matter what i am doing or listening to and am still confused about it. I'm sure it will be okay i just don't know what to do. Wish me luck ^^ gnight!


  1. Good luck mate, I hope everything works out well for you. :) (but I'm sure it will)