Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Going to the movie alone

The whole idea of going to watch a movie for some people is to actually watch and become engulfed in the movie as if you were part of it, For instance there have been many times where i would take a girlfriend or other lady friend to view a really jam packed action film and the only thing that i can remember is the movie. The most attention they would get is a glance and a shrug, sometimes even "shhhhhhhh i cant hear the movie!". Point being that so far as the movie was concerned i was there to view it and nothing else. I may as well have gone to the movies alone there was almost zero attention given elsewhere. Now, going to see a movie with a buddie on the other hand is basically going to the movie alone. Some may call it a bro-date but the truth is they are each attending the film for that reason alone... to view the film. For actually going to the movies solo, i can assure you the difference from going with a partner would be minimal if your goal is to get the most out of the motion picture that you can.


  1. True that. Shaddap and watch the movie.

  2. i prefer to watch movies solitarily too. people are distracting. +followed